Startups ( Founder / Developer )

Created Pakistan's first career networking application. Careerconnect is launched in june 2011. It is a wonderful experience coding careerconnect. I really wanted to have a unique career networking application which greatly enhance user experience and allows users to literally excel in their careers. With Careerconnect, users can stay in touch with whats going on in their fields, what other peopleĀ are doing, What other projects are going on, How other companies are doing?, Share their experiences, ask questions to get best answers, get recommendations, enhance their professional network, explore new opportunities, create professional profiles, find out which jobs are open ?, Hire best talent in the country, etc. Careerconnect is a positive change, a new tool for pakistani community.

Later, I launched A global version of careerconnect with the name of ( Founder / Developer )

I launched in July 2009 with a vision to make Pakistan's top automobile website. has now gone huge with user based content. Mainly used cars ads, bikeĀ ads, cars, bikes, SUVs and other wallpapers and videos. has become Pakistan's one of the top autos website with over 10,000 registered members.

Launched for UAE autos market: ( Founder / Developer )

Launched in sept 2010. Its a perfect property portal. The great thing about is its user-friendliness. Its way to easy and quick to post ads for rent and sell. For buyers has a powerful filter based search, which lets users find exactly what they need.