Web / Mobile apps & games developer

I am a Web / Mobile apps & games developer based in Dubai, UAE. I have developed successful projects for major clients like Verizon, Universal, Warner-Bros, Brisks, UN, Samsung, eGov Dubai and more.

Multi-platform Mobile Applications (iOS / Andriod):

I develop multi-platform apps using Adobe AIR platform. I have successfully developed geolocation based apps for andriod mobile phones leveraging google maps api and phone based GPS devices. I have also successfully developed apps for iOS and blackberry platforms

I have also have experience in HTML5/javascript based hybrid apps frameworks like phonegap and Intel XDK

Recently, I have single handedly developed and published mobile app for ADIPEC, Middle east's largest Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference.

Native iOS Programming

I develop native iOS apps using swift

Mobile Games Development:

I have created various Mobile games for android and iOS platforms using cross platform adobe AIR technology. I have experience of creating arcade and Real time strategy based games. My games are on google play store.

Link to my games in google play

Web Applications Development:

I have over 9 years of commercial experience in creating web applications mainly in MVC based architecture using open source PHP frameworks like Symfony, CakePHP and CodeIgnitor. I also have experience in various opensource CMS and ecommerce solutions like Drupal, wordpress, opencart etc. I have written many core modules and api's for many social and career networking applications. I also have extensive experience in creating facebook apps.


I have worked on various startups. I am the founder and sole developer of web-startups like www.motors.pk, www.residence.pk and www.careerslinked.com. I have worked on all phases of these web apps from idea conception to deployment. Going through all phases of web2.0 development. This includes Feasibility Plan, Database Design, Application Architecture, Marketing, SEO and SEM, Security, Quality Assurance, Deployment, Maintenance and Scalability.

Rich Internet Apps Development:

Development of Rich Internet Apps using core javascript and javascript libraries like jquery etc. Flex / Flash applications/widgets targeted for both desktop and mobile platforms is one of my core expertise and passion. I have created various apps, custom components, widgets, complex graph and charting applications, geolocation/map based apps, healthcare (EHR systems), widgets, etc.

Multi-Touch Applications:

I have expertise in User Interfaces, touch and related applications. I have worked for eGov Dubai where I developed table touch app which was showcased at eGoverment stand at GITEX, Dubai world trade center.

Technology Tags: Swift, Adobe AIR, Flash, Flex, Actionscripting (AS3), PHP, Symfony, cakePHP, CodeIgnitor, MYSQL, javascript, Ajax, HMTL5, Angular JS

Feel free to Contact Me, if you .........
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jawad [at] jawad.pk
+971. 56. 2992134