Advanced music mixer:

Its a powerful music composing tool. It allows users to create their own music by mixing various sounds from different instruments.

  • Create your own ringtones
  • Select from various instruments
  • Sounds lists are maintained in xml files
  • Easily scalable
  • Creatisize:

    This is a drawing and paint app. Users can create drawing using different primitive tools and can define brush properties such as thikness, stroke and fill colors. Applications allows to apply different filters suchs as glow or drop shadow. Users can drag / drop predefined objects and can apply transformations on these objects. Finally user can save their artwork into a jpeg file. The pixel information is calculated and sent to backend.

  • Create designs online
  • Extensible library for backgrounds, objects
  • Drag and drop shapes and objects
  • Apply transformations on objects
  • Apply Filters
  • Custom Ringtone maker

    Custom Ringtone maker is a proposal project for Telecom companies, Music companies or musicians. This app which allows users to select song of their choice and phone model from the lists which loads from XML files. User is supplied with various tools to accurately make ring-tone from the desired part of the song.

  • Create Ringtones from existing songs
  • Very Easy to use UI
  • Powerful tools to cut song accurately
  • Custom TShirt designer

    Custom TShirt designer applicaton allows user to drag and drop different clipart on the Tshirt and rotate or scale it. User can also place customized text on the TShirt.

  • Design your own TShirts online
  • Extensible library for Tshirt layouts, backgrounds, objects
  • Drag and drop clipart and objects
  • Apply transformations on objects
  • Place custom text
  • Apply Filters

  • Please email me jawad[at], If you are interested to buy/developed these or similar products.